There is a discussion among Estonian bloggers whether a fictional blog which is part of marketing plan of a popular tv-series in Estonia deserved to get Blog Awards and people are defending the fictional blog character by saying that this is “enterntainment” our weekend enterntainment had a totally different face. 
It was like a picture from a fairy tale book. Yes, I know I have used the frase “fairy tale” living so many times, that it soon may lose its value, but seriously look at the photos. I found a whole field of globeflowers and it cannot get any better than this. Reminded me of childhood and I couldn’t help bringing home so many flowers that we almost did not have enough vases for all the flowers. 
This was our enterntainment for the weekend! 
Oh, and I found out that they do have buckwheat in “health stores” in Lillehammer. You have no idea, how much I had missed eating buckwheat. So funny that it’s not common in Norway…


















Posted by:Eveliis

-Ma olen väga õnnetu inimene. Ma olen hea inimene. Erudeeritud inimene. Aga kahjuks liiga hingeline. Ja seepärast arvatavasti ei sobi ma antud keskkonda. - Ahah. - Minus on liiga palju säilinud renessanssi. - Ahah. Aha-aha-ah.

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