Fashion bloggers – watch out!

Ma sattusin täna kogemata sõitma mööda Moelvis asuvast Ting og Tøy second hand poest. Ma kirjutan sellest poest ja meie “saagist” eraldi postituse, aga kõige pealt väike OOTD postitus tulevasest moeblogijast  oma uues festdraktis. Festdrakt on mu meelest selline vaese inimese bunad (norra rahvariided), aga ilus on see ikkagi. Pluus oli kahjuks väike, nii et tuli Stockholmi second handist skooritud Massimo Duttit kasutada. Sobis küll. Moeblogijad vaadake ette!

I drove passed a Ting and Tøy second hand shop in Moelv today and as I am a huge fan of second hand and reuse I stopped. I will write a separate post about this wonderful shop and what we bought, but first a little OOTD post. Fashionista in her festdrakt. Of course it is not as beautiful as the real bunad, but adorable anyway. The blouse was unfortunately small, so we had to use the Massimo Dutti scored from second hand in Stockholm. Quite okay. Don’t you agree? Fashion bloggers watch out I say!


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