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Rohkem eluvalet ja vähem haavatud parte/ More lifelies and less wounded ducks

Eile üle möne aja tuli mulle jälle must masendus kallale. Pöhjuseid selleks on mitmeid, alates täiesti naeruväärsetest olmeprobleemidest kuni eksistentsiaalsemateni. KUID kuna ma eile mötlesin ka selle peale, milline mu blogi peaks olema ja mida ma siin teistega jagan, siis ma jöudsin ka selle järelduseni, et ma püüan endaspidi ennast ja oma elu blogis aina vähem lahata, st neid “same shit different day” tundeid. Ma mötlesin  edaspidi rohkem keskenduda sellele, et end teistest paremana näidata, blogi kaudu oma elu ilusamaks elada, rohkem eluvalet ja vähem haavatud parti. Seepärast ma jagangi tänaseid positiivseid emotsioone läbi piltide ja neid tunded, mis mind eile valdasid kui me Lillehammerisse jöudsime. Keegi ootas meid ja tundis meie saabumisest röömu. See oli nii hea tunne. Südame tegi soojaks, nii läägelt kui see ka ei köla. Mu elu on töepoolest naljakas. ühelt poolt finantsiline hädaorg, teiselt poolt muinasjutt.

Kui Lillehammerisse satute, siis täitsa soovitan teil sellisesse pubisse nagu Nikkers sööma minna. Hea asukoht, enam-vähem möistlikud hinnad ja toit oli ka hea.


I have been feeling quite sad today, for several reasons starting from small problems to more serious ones like feeling myself as a failure in so many ways, but I have also thought a bit how I want to continue with this blog. Do I want to share all the negative things in my life to give my haters a reason to laugh or do I want them hate me because my life seems so much better than theirs through blog. I thought I will start living my life more beautiful via blog and show myself better and bigger than I am. Hide the avarage mainstream person to attic with the wounded wild ducks and show more of my life-lies. This is also why I share these photos of today on the blog – I have been sad, without a goal, but the more it made me happy when we arrived to Lillehammer late yesterday evening and someone was waiting for us and glad to see us. Sounds so cheesy, but it really warms my heart to see that I am perhaps not that horrible person that I read from comments time to time. Selfish probably, but still likeble. 

So there will be more lifelies in this blog from now on. Be prepared. 

PS: When you come to Lillehammer, Nikkers pub is one of the places where it is quite nice to eat. Today reminded me of a visit to Nikkers 16 years ago. With uncle Tarmo, my mom, sister and host dad Arne. We lived on Elvegata, in a red house right behind Nikkers and after dinner Arne suddenly decided that we have to go and drink a beer. Not my sister of course, she was like 11 or so, but we others. It was a nice evening, something I will always remember from Lillehammer. 


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