Pom pom bon bon

Surfasin netis ja otsisin, kust Idale saaks soodsalt õue ronimispuu, liumäe ja muud sellist hädavajalikku lapsega perele. Kõik see lõppes sellega, et panin kokku hoopis teistsugust wishlisti.

Random wishlist

  1. Kaelakee “Just spike me” New vintage by Kriss (LINK)
  2. Pom pom sneakers (LINK)
  3. Topp “Suvi” by August (LINK)
  4. “Wildlife” kollektsioon Perit Muuga (LINK)
  5.  ” I got something to say”  New vintage by Kriss (LINK)
  6. Jakk, Zara (LINK)
  7. Nude Sunshine BonBon Lingerie (LINK)
  8. Märss (LINK)
  9. Sapatos by Polliani (LINK)
  10. Mint Passion BonBon Lingerie (LINK)

About Eveliis

I still don't know if things fit together, or if everything will be all right in the end. But I believe that something means something. I believe in cleansing the soul through fun and games. I also believe in love. And I have several good friends, and just one bad one.

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