Weddingcrashers #namoginga

Meie Norra reis lõppes iseenesestmõistetavalt Lillehammeris sõprade pere juures. Me ei ole küll päris pere, aga mu meelest on liiga vale neid inimesi lihtsalt sõpradeks nimetada. Nad on osa meie Norra perekonnast.

Jaagupil oli sünnipäev, nii sättisime me end riidesse ning läksime linna. Tähistama. “Ma olen riides nagu läheks pulma,” ütles Klaudia kui me kodust lahkusime ning ilma liialdamata olime me järgmisel hetkel Inga ja Nami pulmas.


Kui te küsite, kes Inga ja Nam on, siis seda me muidugi ei tea, sest me lihtsalt sattusime pulmapeole. Nagu õiged weddingcrasher´id.

Okei, ka see pole päris tõde, sest tegelikult olime me Parkcafés lõunatamas ja samal ajal toimus seal ka pulm ja meil ei olnud piisavalt julgust, et isegi päriselt photobomb´ida, rääkimata siis pulma sisse sulamisest, aga naljakas seik oli see siiski. Ja Jaagupi 27. sünnipäev jääb hästi meelde.


I had to write an article to a news paper today. I wrote about Estonians being bitter all the time and having no empathy. We choose to whine, complain and critic. I am no different when we look at the big picture. I often feel that I am the victim, but when I start to use my brain I understand what an idiot I am. I know that friendship and relations to not pay my bills and I have to struggle my struggles myself, but I say it from the bottom of the heart that the freindship and relations I have to my Norwegian friend (who actually are from Poland, Finland and Estonia) I feel really blessed and forget all my problems. 

These are the people I make memories with. These are the people who I laugh with. These are the people I am silly with. These are the people I am true and honest and exactly who I am and they love me despite all my faults. 

Like these weekend we went out for a lunch and it was exactly at the same time when two young people got married it the park. We pretended we were also invited to the wedding. Silly I know, but good company makes you do silly things for fun;) 


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