Ei saa meiegi teisiti/Easter holiday in the country

Kui ma olin laps, siis oli munade värvimine ja munapühade traditsioon üks aasta oodatuimaid pühasid. Mida aeg edasi, seda vähem olulisemaks see püha mu jaoks muutus. Kuni ma kolisin Norrasse, kus munapühad on paljude jaoks suuremad ja tähtsamad pühad kui jõulud. Munapühad Norras on midagi erilist. Me pidime ka sel aastal munapühadeks Norra minema, aga erinevatel põhjustel jäime me koju. Ja need pühad on olnud erilised. Nii nagu peab. Hea toidu, hea veini, hea seltskonna ja munade värvmisega.


When I was a child Easter was one of my favorite holidays. I loved the paint-the-eggs-tradition. The older I grew the less the holiday meant to me. Until I moved to Norway and experienced Norwegian påske. We were supposed to celebrate Easter in Norway this year as well but for different reasons, my illness being the biggest reason, we had to stay at home. I was sad. Norwegian Easter is special. But our Easter in Ussipesa (our home) has turned out pretty special as well. One to remember. Family together. Special. Cozy. And fun.

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