I am a travel and hotel enthusiast, so I dare say I know a thing or two about the very essence of hotels. Who is a hotel enthusiast? It is probably not a real term, but how would you call someone whose hobby is to visit and compare hotels? I reckoned “hotel enthusiast” would be just fine. Only five years ago, I was probably one of the customers that employees feared and disparaged. I always found something to criticize, I was never a hundred percent satisfied, I could be disturbed by the smallest of things, and I made a mountain out of a molehill quicker than a sports car accelerates from zero to a hundred. However, my attitude has changed with years of experience. There is a difference between criticism, constructive criticism and simply whining. A bad mood and a bad day create an atmosphere that is subsequently transferred to things that otherwise would not matter. I have learned to assess, not criticize hotels.

Ma ei ole tüüpiline 9-5 kontoris töötaja tüüpi, mulle meeldib kui töö  on liikuv ja seda saab teha igal pool. Kõige parem on kui töö ja hobi käivad käsikäes. Minu hobiks on pikka aega olnud blogimine ning mul on ääretult hea meel, et ma saan oma hobi nimetada ka tööks. on nii mu hobi kui töö.
See on koht, kust leiad arvustusi Eesti hotellide kohta, lisaks mõned reisijutud Skandinaaviast ja arvamus- ning persoonilugusid.